Ergonomic Design Center
Ergonomic Design Center
Ergonomic Design Center

Mary Fisher Knott has specialized in kitchen and bath design and residential space planning for over 5 decades. She is now bringing her expertise in design that balances the ergonomic profile of the client with functional and aesthetic considerations of the space to industry professionals and homeowners through the launch of the Ergonomic Design Center.

Certified Member Of Aging In Place (CAPS) | Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP)

Increase your professional expertise and confidence in designing for the rapidly growing market of Living in Place clients

With modern-day technology and health/wellness advances, we are living much longer today than people did 150 years ago. In fact, life expectancy has doubled during these years. This is the perfect time to be ahead of the curve by providing Living in Place design solutions as part of your expertise offering. It is a market that will only grow in the coming years.

Learn the secrets of how to integrate specialized ergonomic design solutions for customized rooms:

Kitchens, baths, laundries, pantries, storage spaces, garages, dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, master suites, closets, family bedrooms, outdoor living/kitchen spaces, powder rooms, home offices, mud rooms and more!

Living in Place

The expert resource for industry professionals and homeowners

It is so much more than Aging in Place. It is all about living. And living well. Join us on our journey to bring the best of Living in Place to those who are beginning their journey of living in place. We are bringing the best expert information, resources and training to industry professionals like you, who will work with your clients’ forever home design and to homeowners who want peace of mind that they have found their home for life.

Only $14.95 Per Month—
Membership Has Valuable Benefits

When you enroll as an Ergonomic Design Center member, you’ll receive a new chapter of the living eBook — The Ergonomic Home, each month. Updated chapters will be released as new, timely information becomes available. This is only one benefit of membership — there are many more (see below). You’ll always have access to industry-leading, up-to-date infomation and resources.

The Ergonomic Home: Human Factors Book

Grow Your Business With These Membership Benefits:

  • New product introductions and how-to-use instructions in ergonomic design solutions.
  • How to use existing products in new ways to solve ergonomic criteria.
  • The latest market place technology introductions.
  • Access to webinars and CEUs on Living in Place issues.
  • Specific design techniques in solving matters presented by physical characteristics.
  • Insights from Occupational Therapists and medical professionals on factors influencing design of specific spaces.
  • Case studies of successful implementation of ergonomic design principles.
  • Charts and check lists for industry professionals working on ergonomic design projects.
  • Guidelines in setting up a team of medical professionals.
  • Email access for questions on Projects, Answers and Resources.
  • New product evaluations.
  • Videos from industry shows, manufacturers, other design professionals, medical professionals, builders, architects, physical and occupational therapists.
  • Articles relating to new technological breakthroughs.
  • New membership benefits will be added periodically.